Miles and Miles of Motorcoaches Surround the White House


Hundreds of Tour buses from all over the country have hit the road, enroute to the White House.

On Wed May 13 there will be a rolling rally around Washington, D.C., representing the tour, travel and transportation industry as a whole. This is a positive event showcasing how big buses and small businesses move America and its travelers.   Buses will be decorated with informative signs about the motorcoach industry including: the groups they serve, the economic impact that they make and the people they employ.  

Congress gave aid to the airlines who fly over the USA and the cruise lines that sail in the waters that surround the USA , but they missed the industry that travels on the highways and byways of  the USA.   - bringing people together, driving local economies and contributing to countless jobs in the towns and cities that we call home.


While our physical presence is not possible our voices can be heard.  Reach out to congress and the administration and #SaveTourism  #DontMissOurBus

Be sure to follow the motorcoaches as they make their was to DC

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NJ Senators

·         Senator Cory Booker

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·         Senator Bob Menendez

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·         Senator Pat Toomey

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